Mount Everest 2020 South African Expedition

During the months of April and May, Adventures Global will be leading an Expedition to climb Mount Everest via the standard “South Col” Route from the Nepalese side.

Adventures Global is headed by Ronnie Muhl from Cape Town and he very kindly asked me if I would like to represent SA Mountain and be the official media reporter for the expedition. An opportunity like this does not cross ones path every day, so I grabbed it firmly with both hands.

There are two South Africans on the Adventures Global Expedition who are hoping to summit Everest. They are Jo’burg based businesswoman Lisa Gering and Cape Town based vice-head at Bishops School, Mark Mitchell.

Follow us right here, where over the course of the expedition I will be posting regular blogs and images on SA Mountain’s Face Book page, linked to SA Mountain’s website, to keep you up to date with what’s happening on the big hill. I look forward to supplying you with as much information as I can, accompanied by great images.

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