By far the most popular crag in Montagu. Zero walk-in and lots of good routes in the easier grades. Great for beginners and very child friendly. There is also a clutch of fine moderate routes here.


The road that passes beneath Legoland crag is a private access road for the Johnsons who stay in the house a few hundred metres down the track at the foot of Bosch Kloof. Do not drive up the dirt track to the crag!

How to get there

From Montagu, drive back towards Worcester. Pass through the tunnel and over a bridge. After a few hundred metres, park in the gravel parking lot on the left, immediately after going over another bridge. Do not park in front of the gate!


[one_half]1. I Tink Not * 12/4a [6B,C] Montagu Rock Adventures 2000
2. I Bewieve So ** 16/5b [7B,C] Montagu Rock Adventures 2000
3. I Bewieve So Direct *** 17/5c [8B,C] J. Temple-Forbes 2002
4. The Rope Man **** 17/5c [9B,C] D. Knipe 2003
5. Dynamo Hum **** 18/6a [10B,C] T. Lourens Aug 2018
6. Hey, Come On **** 19/6a+ [7B,C] T. Lourens 1993
7. Persistence of Time *** 19/6a+ [6B,C] D. Marshall 2003
8. Buon Giorno Bambina **** 21/6b+ [11B,C] T. Lourens 1997
9. Ciao Bella **** 19/6a+ [11B,C] T. Lourens 2014
Clip the first 5 bolts of Buon Giorno, then step right and cross over to Buona Sera.
10. Buona Sera Signorina **** 20/6b [11B,C] T. Lourens 2013
11. Bolt Your Bitch * 22/6c [3B,C] J. Terblanche 1998
12. Slap and Tickle * 21/6b+ [3B,C] J. Terblanche 1998
[/one_half] [one_half_last]13. Crack Baby *** 18/6a [8B,C] Unknown (BB S. Brown)
14. Eddy of Bovidence **** 24/7a [4B,C] S. Bradshaw 1993
15. Cheapskate Student ** 24/7a [4B,C] C. Bruton 1998
16. Cleinous Hing * 24/7a [4B,C] E. February 1994
17. Baboons on the Roof * 21/6b+ [4B,C] B. Whitehead 2004
18. Caramel Roller Coaster *** 17/5c [6B,C] S. Brown 2003
19. Chocolate Speedway **** 18/6a [6B,C] G. Holwill 1993
19a. Buon Natale Amore *** 17/5c [8B,C] T. Lourens 25 Dec 2017
20. Life and Times of Mike Hunt *** 14/4c [5B,C] G. Holwill 1993
21. Not With New Brim *** 16/5b [6B,C] G. Holwill 1993
22. Oh My Goodness ** 18/6a [4B,C] G. Holwill 1993
23. Mild Thing *** 15/5a [4B,C] G. Holwill 1993
24. Easy Does It *** 16/5b [5B,C] B. Higgins 1993 (BB T. Lourens)
25. Pipe Dreams *** 18/6a [6B,C] N. Matthews 1994