RAW Exposure Subscription

The all new RAW Exposure eMag at a screen near you.

What is the first thing you do when you pick up a climbing mag? You check out the gallery pages. Nice big glossy pics oozing adrenaline, arousal and inspiration. “Pump-action” photos that jump out at you. Images that scream “Get out there and crank!”

With the fast growing and affordable world of high quality digital cameras and video equipment, there are many climbers out there who are taking awesome shots and great video footage of all climbing disciplines. SA Mountain want to celebrate the awesome diversity of climbing in South Africa and around the world through the camera lens and what better way than to publish them in a medium that is available to everybody . . . FREE!

The new RAW Exposure eMag will bring you the very best of these images to your screen and also link you to some of the sickest video clips of cranking, slapping, crimping and agonizing you will ever see.

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