The Black Slab Sector

A sector with a clutch of nice easy to moderate routes with lots of scope for more.


Drop back down slightly from The Farm Crag and walk along the base of the rock, past an old dead tree to the base of the crags.


1. Pink is the New Black *** 16/5b [8B,C] H. Venter 2014
2. Black Sparrow *** 16/5b [9B,C] H. Venter 2014
3. Black Pearl *** 17/5c [8B,C] H. Venter 2014
4. The Flying Dutchmen *** 17/5c [8B,C] J. Hayden 2014
5. Lekker soos ’n Cracker *** 17/5c [B,C] H. Venter 2014
P1. 25m 17/5c [10B,C]; P2. 28m 16/5b [11B,C] 6. Black Flags in The Sunset *** 19/6a+ [8B,C] J. Hayden 2014
7. Farfallina *** 18/6a [9B,C] T. Lourens 2014
8. Long Way From Stellenbosch **** 23/6c+ [9B,C] H. Venter 2011