Adam Ondra climbs World’s first 9c? – Project Hard


Adam Ondra, the man who ushered in the world’s first 5.15c with Change in 2012, has raised the ceiling once again. Today, September 3, he sent “Project Hard” in the Hanshallaren Cave of Flatanger, Norway. Ondra graded Project Hard 9c (5.15d), which makes it the hardest climb in the world.

Björn Pohl managed to get hold of Adam for a brief chat:

Yes! Congrats Adam!

Hell yeah, thaaanks.

Hard 9b+? 😉

Yeah, hard 9b+ could be 9c, no? That’s what I hope 😉

Haha, I’ve got a feeling you’re pretty sure it’s 9c?

It is hard, much harder than anything else I’ve done. That’s why I hope it’s 9c, but I am not sure about it.

Well I guess it’s difficult to know for certain at this point. That’s the price you pay for leading the way into the unknown realms of difficulty I assume…

Thanks Adam, and congrats once again!

IMAGE: Adam Ondra on Move, 9b/+, Flatanger, Norway. © Ondra collection


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