Alexander Megos – Symmetry


In search of Alex Megos’ formula for success, the final chapter in the 4-part series heads back to the Frankenjura, Alex’s home in Germany. In October 2015, he set a milestone by establishing the area’s hardest route to date, “Supernova” (9a+/9b). The Formula-Series finalizes the search in interviews with Alex’ Family and Coaches, leading to the conclusion that Alex is more than the sum of his characteristics.

The Alex Megos Formula is a film portrait about the young world class climber Alexander Megos. The viewers go on a four-part journey in search of the secret formula as they join Alex on his travels and during his climbing projects and get to know his home and origin. The viewers try to find proof, leaning on basic concepts from physics like gravity, friction, momentum and others, of the existence of the formula. All four episodes take a look at Alex from different vantage points and different subject areas, always connected to an analogy from physics. The search for the formula leads to the conclusion that Alex is more than the sum of his traits.

The Alex Megos Formula | Episode 4/4 – Symmetry from madebynomads on Vimeo.

IMAGE: Alexander Megos climbing Action Directe, Wolfgang Güllich’s 9a at Waldfkopf in the Frankenjura, Germany. Photo by Frank Kretschmann / Red Bull Content Pool

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