Beal Venus – Ladies’ Harness


review by Julia Wakeling

A comfy and versatile harness in fantastic colours!

• Comfy – if it wasn’t, we wouldn’t be here. It’s got a funky technology with a webbing in its core that distributes weight evenly so there are no compression areas which might pinch or dig in. This, while still being light and thin. 

• Adjustable and neat leg loops – I like that there are no hanging straps, which I find just clumsy. Although the leg loops are indeed adjustable, they don’t go proportionately as big as the waist does, if you know what I mean. So be sure to try it on to check it works for you.

• Two waist buckles make it highly adjustable, and comfy at all sizes as the belay loop remains in the front, rather than drifting off to the side at maximum range in single buckle harnesses. It’ll also wear well compared to the rubbing on the same spot with a single buckle.

• Super light and small – as light as some of the super-light harnesses which fall short in not having adjustable leg loops. It’s the kind of harness you put on and forget about, except when you look down and the funky colours make you smile! 

• Belay loop and all the ultra-important bits around it that get a lot of wear, are lean yet feel extremely durable. 

• Colour – totally awesome! Probably the prettiest harness around! 

• Gear loops are stiffened for easy racking. They have plenty space for sport and took a double trad rack in their stride! And you ain’t going to lose sight of them, as they’re splashy pink! 

• Little loop at the back for approach shoes or tag line if you are tradding, or your gym tags. 

Weight: 340–358 g (two size options)


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