Black Diamond – Moji+ Lantern

GR_June2022_Moji Latern

Review by Tony Lourens

I know I stand the risk of showing my age, but I remember well taking those blue gas lamp thingies up into the hills. Making sure that those fragile filaments stayed intact, changing gas canisters and keeping them sheltered from the wind and so on . . . what a pain in the proverbial! Never mind that they were heavy, bulky and cumbersome. What a pleasure that we no longer have to endure those archaic products and procedures.

The new range of lanterns by Black Diamond are revolutionary in terms of . . . well just about everything. The Moji+ is a super light, compact and highly effective unit that can be used in your tent, around camp, wild camping in the outback, bivvy ledges high on a rock face, at home for ambience and, yes, on those pesky load shedding nights that we have come to love so much.

The lamp puts out up to 200 lumens, so is bright enough to light up the darkest Drakensberg cave, but is fully adjustable to give you a nice low romantic glow in your tent up on the South Col!

Fitted with four little magnets, the unit can be affixed neatly to any metal object, or hung up in your tent by its fold-out handle. It has a strobe function (in all modes) for emergencies and cave parties and runs on a Dual-Fuel system – 3 x AAA batteries, or the BD rechargeable battery pack. And also comes with a digital lock to avoid accidental switch-ons.
At the size of a tennis ball, the Moji+ is ready and waiting to accompany you anywhere in the hills. You won’t even know it’s in your pack. And with its multi-mode rainbow spectrum lighting, you can add a relaxing ambience to any campsite or cave dwelling.

Dual-Fuel: Maximum flexibility to utilise either the rechargeable Lithium Ion BD 1500 battery or Alkaline cells (not included)
• Frosted globe creates even and bright usable light
• Two button interface for adjustable brightness, full spectrum colour and campfire light modes for just the right light in any occasion
• Set continuous cycle through rainbow colours with strobe and solid colour modes for light driven campsite entertainment
• Double-hook hang loop makes it easy to suspend in a tent
IPX 4 Stormproof: Withstands rain and sleet from any angle
200 lumen max output
Weight: 105 g
Max Distance: 15 m (high), 2 m (low)

RRP: R549
Available from:

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