Black Diamond Skin Repair Kit

BD Hand Repair kit 2019

review by Tony Lourens

Not too long ago you may have been ridiculed at the crag for hauling out your fancy ‘Skin Repair Kit’, if there was such a thing. Not anymore. This sort of thing has become somewhat the norm in many climbers’ packs these days, and particularly boulderers. Spend one full day bouldering or climbing at Rocklands, or a day or two at Truitjieskraal and you will know why. The rock in these areas in particular, but also at many other areas, can be so abrasive and featured, that most rest days are due to skin recovery rather than tired muscles.

BDs new Skin Repair Kit is exactly what the rock doctor ordered. It is a compact kit that includes your skin-care essentials for cragging, all wrapped up in a neat little zipped pouch.

• Nail clippers: for keeping your nails trimmed, obviously, but more importantly, to clip away any thick, raised calluses, and to doctor those flappers.

• Sanding block: Also for smoothing down the burrs on those calluses, and general all round maintenance of rough skin

• 2 x rolls of rigid strapping tape: One roll 4 cm wide for wrists and elbow support, and the other roll split into 2.5 and 1.5 cm widths, ideal for finger strapping to support those tweaky tendons. Only minor gripe here is that the tape is difficult to tear.

The carrying pouch is roomy enough to include other small first aid additions, like plasters, strip of pain pills, etc.

All in all, a great little kit that will keep your skin happy at the crag and will have your friends lining up for manicures during snack breaks. Will make a perfect Christmas gift!


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