Black Diamond Tradathon 2015

Tradathon 2015

Black Diamond Equipment is proud to present the 4th annual


Festival of trad. climbing – Wolfberg(Cederberg)  –  14 March 2015

Trad climbing is arguably the most rewarding form of rock climbing but also attracts the smallest group of participants. The beauty of trad. is the amazing depth and breadth of experience that it offers – there is no limit to the number of routes you can climb, the grade you have to climb in order to do something “worthwhile”, the opportunity for new routing or  the level of adventure that you choose to engage in.

And yet, trad doesn’t have a large following. This is due, in part, to the cost of the additional gear, but probably more due to the perceived risk that is involved and the lack of opportunities for adequate coaching when starting out. Before the arrival of sport climbing, all climbers did an “apprenticeship” during which they learnt the ropes under the practiced eye of a more experienced climber. Bolting has made climbing much more accessible and caused the climbing community to grow at a much faster rate than this traditional apprenticeship model can cope. So – trad. often remains inaccessible.

So this is your opportunity – a gathering of all levels of climbers to share their skills, to learn from each other and to enjoy a day on the crag.


  • A gathering of all levels and ages of climbers to enjoy one of the best areas that the Cederberg has to offer , the Wolfberg Crags!  The event will be followed by a spit braai, prize giving and a slide show presented by legendary South African climbers, Andy de Klerk and Hilton Davies.


  • Experienced trad. climbers: pull in and do some classic routes at the Wolfberg Crags; climb with your own partner or find a new climbing partner on the day. Climb at your own grade, or share your favourite route with a beginner
  • Competent sport climbers: sign up for the “intro. to trad. leading” workshop run by qualified SAMDT instructors or team up with some experienced “tradders” and follow some routes
  • Beginner climbers : never climbed before ? Sign up for the “learn the basics” morning workshop and climb with an experienced person in the afternoon


  • Friday 13 March – Classic climbing movies showing @ Sandrift Camp Site starting at 20:00.
  • Saturday 14th March – Event starts @ 8h30am – late, followed by a Spit Braai, Slide Show and Prize Giving.
  • Sunday 15th March – Climb at your own leisure or assist with spraying hangers at Truitjieskraal.


  • Registration is free but we need to know if you’re coming, so that we can organize catering.
  • Please click here to register
  • Permits: Permits are required and therefore Sandrift has offered the permits to all climbers at a 50% discount for the Tradathon weekend only.Permits for the Wolfberg Crags will cost – R 25 per person per day.


Need Accommodation?

Sandrift Holiday Resort Accomodation

Please note that Chalet accommodation has been booked and there are only campsites still available.

Campsite List – To book a campsite, please click here to for the list of campsites that are still available

Other Accommodation


Directions to Sandrift and the Wolfberg Crags(Cederberg) – Click here.

Spit Braai 

  • Traditional Lamb Spitbraai @ R125 per person.


All participants are expected to be self sufficient bar the workshop participants who must provide the minimum of harness, screw gates, twin rope belay device, helmet, and rock shoes. All participants must provide their own refreshments on the mountain. Due to the fact that participation in this event is entirely voluntary, we cannot force anyone to wear a helmet. However the as in all trad. climbing areas, there is loose rock and there will be many climbers in the area.

The use of a helmet is highly recommended!

10% Discount on Trad Gear! Take your registration number once you have entered the event, to either City Rock/MMO, Drifters Extreme or Orca Industries for a 10% discount on Black Diamond & Beal trad. gear.

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