Monday, December 11 2023

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Read the editorial and check out the contents of the latest issue. With up-to-date news coverage, training articles, gear reviews, celebrity profiles, technical tips covering a wide variety of subjects, event reports, big glossy pics and enthralling articles. Read Online Editorial Who’s on the end of your rope? I try to find a reasonably comfortable …

Dragon's Tale 2023

by Ollie Esplin Once upon a time in a land not so far away there was a young maiden. At birth, she was christened The Gordian Edge. She was a via ferrata, a one-of-a-kind, raised by a small group of unsung heroes in the mountain-loving community. She was a Mystical Creature, original and unique, rising …

Will Gadd on SA Ice 2023

by Colin McCoy In July this year a small group of us had the privilege of hosting Canadian ice and mixed climber, Will Gadd, for a whirlwind 10-day climbing trip in the Drakensberg. This all came about when Tim Larsen commented on an Instagram post of Will’s, about how short the South African ice climbing …

An Instant of Joy2023

Legendary South African climber and mountaineer, Andy de Klerk, relates his account of his solo ascent of the Eiger’s infamous North Wall. I took a deep breath as I passed the bronze plaques bolted to the wall just above the bergschrund. Dawn had just broken a thin crack of red on the horizon, and there …


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Climb Book review 2023

Review by Tony Lourens Author: Jacob D NuttallIllustrations: Jacob D NuttallPages: 179 • B&W throughoutDimensions: 15 x 23cmPublisher: Naked Snail Books (self-published via KDP Amazon)Available: Paperback £11.99 and Kindle £4.99ISBN: 978-1739294304 I have read numerous ‘how to’ books on climbing, and in fact have also written one.To be honest, it is hard to be original, …

Jakob Schubert sends Deep Water Soloing's hardest routes in Mallorca - part 2.

The Climbing World Championships in Bern and the great successes Austria’s Jakob Schubert celebrated there have delayed the release of part 2 of the unique DWS premiere in Mallorca a bit, but the impressive images are more worth seeing than ever. Don’t leave the office or the computer today until you have seen this video – cooling down guaranteed! 

BD Pursuit 30

by Tony Lourens I’m constantly on the lookout for the perfect sized pack, with the right design and features for long multi-pitch rock climbs and single day peak bagging missions, and I think my long search has come to a happy ending. BD’s new 30-litre Pursuit is what I have been looking for, for a …





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