Cableway launches free park-and-ride service

TM free ride

For those who haven’t heard yet, the MyCiti bus service is now offering free passage along the leg from the top of Kloof Nek Road and the Lower Cableway Station.

This means you can park at the lower parking area and not have to hunt for parking on the road  near the cableway station. Depending on time of day and where you would park it might also mean less chance of a break in to your car.

The MyCiti bus operates between 7.30am and 7pm with a bus every 20 minutes. More details here. This is a section of MyCiti Route 110.

Mike Scott has tried it out and reports that you simply hop on – no cards or cableway tickets required.

If you want to continue further down from Kloof Nek and don’t have a MyCiti card then there is a single trip card dispenser also installed close to the Upper Tafelberg stop (follow directional signage from the MyCiTi bus shelter).


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