Catalan Witness the fitness, ~8B+/C, by Chris Sharma


Chris Sharma has made the first ascent of a problem he has been working on for a while in the Cova de Ocell near Barcelona. Catalan Witness the fitness, should weigh in somewhere around ~8B+/C I guess.

“I had a great start to the new year by sending the “Catalan Witness the Fitness” at Cova de Ocell the other day with Pol Roca Lopez. Jorge Visser Ricardo Giancola. I’ve been trying this line on and off for quite some time so it felt good to see it through finally. It’s been great process getting back into the bouldering groove! I’m not so sure about the grade but it’s something like an 8B/+ into a 8A+ , so whatever that means 😉 It will be really cool to see more climbers try it and get their opinion!”


Image: Chris Sharma on Catalan Witness the fitness, Cova de Ocell, Catalunya © Riccardo Giancola

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