Climbers and Hikers against crime

Wilderness areas and mountains traditionally evoke thoughts and dreams of wide open spaces, nature, rugged landscapes and memories of feeling mentally refreshed after a visit in these special places. Our metropolitan mountains in Cape Town present an even more difficult challenge than simply climbing them. Over recent times, the mountains have become a hotspot for opportunistic criminals and as a result a simple walk or a stroll with the kids these days has to include a watchful eye for criminal activity. The challenge of personal security in our wilderness areas is a subject that most of us abhor, however it is unfortunately something we cannot ignore.

The community of Kommetjie has taken a stand against crime on their beloved Slangkop Mountain where generations of hikers and children have freely walked and played. Residents were enraged by innocent hikers being mugged on what must be one of the most spectacular vistas in the country. An initiative was started privately and soon after was incorporated into Komwatch to lessen criminal activity on the mountain.  On-going negotiations with TMNP/SANParks soon saw regular patrols by rangers established on the mountain trails, and in a short space of time fully fledged patrols have become a regular feature.

This community hike is symbolic of a mountain user community taking back that which it loves and restoring peace and safety with the professional approach of SANParks. We hope that this day, where hikers will be able to spend the day walking freely on the Slangkop Mountains above Kommetjie,will inspire similar events elsewhere that will add to our fight against Crime on the mountains.

On the day, there will be a large law enforcement (SAPS, TMNP Rangers, SAPS Airwing) presence both on the roads and in the Slangkop Mountains in order to both deter criminals as well as ensure public safety and security on the day.

The aims of this event are:

  1. Provide a day of safe walking space for the mountain user community
  2. Assist with promoting awareness of crime in the mountains
  3. Allow for user groups to engage and meet
  4. Provide feedback to the mountain user community on the strategies employed to ensure their safety in the mountains
  5. To have a good time in a safe and beautiful environment

The Where and When:

  1. The meeting place is the large parking lot opposite the St Joseph’s Church on Rubbi Road, Kommetjie (The church is the large stone building on the left as you enter Kommetjie. It is visible from the road).
  2. The date is set for Saturday 13 December 2014 and the event will commence at 08h30. If you cannot make the earlier time, feel free to join the hikers on the mountain at a later time. The rangers will be present on the mountain from 08h30 to 16h00.

Food and Essentials:

  1. Mountain essentials for a hot and (possibly) windy summers day: SUNSCREEN, hat, water, something warm because you never know (especially if the south easter picks up), food
  2. There are a variety of shops, restaurants and pubs in Kommetjie. Please try and support the locals

Emergency Numbers:

  1. SANParks Mountain Emergency: 086 1106417
  2. Komwatch: 082 3277783


The first rule is to have fun and enjoy your day in the mountains, however . . .

  1. As per TMNP legislation NO firearms are allowed on TMNP
  2. Please stick to the paths
  3. Respect the wildlife
  5. As you will be on TMNP/SANParks land, their user rules are applicable
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