Core Merino – Men’s Leggings

I must say, it gives me a certain pleasure when these Euros come to Africa in winter packing nothing but shorts and T-shirts, thinking that it surely can’t be anything but hot here. After all, it’s Africa! Only to find out that it is anything but hot, particularly if you venture into the hills. And there they sit shivering, with egg on their faces. So, Klaus and Luigi, I’m only going to tell you this once. Winter in South Africa is COLD! And it is even colder in the mountains, or if you venture inland to Karoo towns and villages.
In the dead of winter, whether in the mountains or just jolling around town, the air can be really icy, and any wind just heightens the problem. And a regular pair of trousers simply does not cut it!
Core Merino have recently launched their new Nuyarn thermal underwear leggings. I got my hands on a pair and to be honest, I was never really a fan of leggings, but after trying on these new puppies, and feeling the difference they made, I didn’t want to take them off. They are soft and cosy, but also light and unrestrictive, with just the right amount of elasticity throughout the whole garment and also along the broad, brushed belt line. They also have a double layer of fabric over the old ‘money sack’ for extra warmth and durability. And merino’s natural breathability and odour prevention gives you the freedom to wear them day after day on your next adventure.
Core Merino’s thermal leggings are an ideal base layer for every situation. You can wear them under your jeans or trousers when you are frolicking around town on cold winter days, up on the hill as a base layer beneath your hiking pants, as a layer underneath your ski gear, or even during your next winter-day run or biking tour. They are also just the ticket to give your legs that extra bit of cosiness when cuddled in your sleeping bag on those crisp wintery nights.
Truth be told, I am actually wearing them right at this moment as I am writing this review. They are that good!

• Brushed elastic waistband
• Single jersey merino wool fabric offers breathability and temperature regulation
• Naturally insulating and moisture wicking
Materials: 90% Merino wool 10% Nylon, 145 gsm single knit jersey fabric
Sizing: Regular fit, true to size
Care: Exact instructions on the care label

RRP: R1100

Avaiable at

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