Goal Zero – Light a Life Mini


Review by Tony Lourens
RRP: R549.99

When we camp, we always rig up a gazebo where the stove, fridge, tables, etc., and general ‘kuiering’ takes place. It is a cosy spot where we always end up, sipping whisky late into the night, bravely planning the next days’ conquests. On our most recent trip, we went armed with a set of Goal Zero’s, Light a Life Mini lights – baby lamps that can be hung up in your tent or around the campsite, which reputedly casts an impressive amount of light, so we wanted to see how effective they really are.

Once the tents were pitched and the kitchen was sorted, Patsy rigged the Mini lights around the fringe of the gazebo and we waited for nightfall. True to form, the lights were remarkable. With each mini light pushing out 110 lumens, we were bathed in 440 lumens of light in our ‘living area’. It was like switching on a light at home. And if you find it too bright, then just disconnect one or two of the lights – it’s that simple.

They come with mini carabiners to hang the lights up and also an assortment of easy to slide on-and-off coloured silicone lamp housings, which can turn your mini lights into green, yellow, orange, blue or white, creating a soft coloured ambient light while directing a bright spotlight where you need it. Quite funky I thought! They are also small and light enough to carry in your pack (with the Venture 30 recharger) and coupled with the Nomad 13 solar panel, you would be well set for an extended stay in the hills in terms of light and charging your smartphone, etc.

The Light a Life Mini is a real nifty and very effective ‘invention’ – bright enough to light up your tent, or linked together (up to four lights), can light up much larger areas.

Lumens: 110 each
Power output: 1.75W
Weight: 68 grams each

• Powered from any USB port (including Goal Zero rechargers)
• Chainable up to 4 lights
• Comes with assorted coloured lamp shades (optional)

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