Higgovale Quarry



Higgovale Quarry has had a bit of a chequered history. The first routes (at the Polling Booth) were bolted by Garth Hattingh and Nick Matthews on Election Day, 1994. Since then other parts of the quarry were developed, but many bolts and hangers have since been chopped or stolen. Over the years the area has had a somewhat dubious reputation for muggings, but in fairness to the old crag, there have been no reports for quite a few years and recently popularity has been growing, hence the cleaning up and rebolting of some of the better routes by ARF.

How To Get There

From Tamboers Kloof, drive up Molteno Rd, almost to the top and turn right into Glencoe Crescent. Drive to the end of the road and park just left of the boom. Walk for 45 seconds, keeping left past the boom and enter the bricked-up entrance of the quarry. There are currently no access restrictions. The polling booth can be found on the right after entering the quarry. There are also a few short routes to the left of the Polling Booth (±8-10m from 14 to 21ish) that are well bolted (but still with old bolts). Probably only worth a look if you get tired of the main wall. If you are really desperate for other routes then look to your left as you enter the quarry. There are about 4 or 5 routes up to about 18ish.

1. Easy Victory (12) [5B]

2. FW Who? (14) [6B] *

3. Nebulous Pathway (16) [6B] **

4. Mandela Magic (18) [5B] ***

5. Stompie (19) ***

5a. Stompie variation (19) ***

6. Another Nefarious Crack (21) [7B] **** – A Higgovale Classic!

7. Cast Your Vote (23/24) (this is a chipped route and will not be rebolted)

* Please note that these star ratings are by Higgovale standards. Thanks to the (ARF) Anchor Replacement Fund (MCSA), this well used, convenient crag is now safe again! Enjoy your climbing. Information submitted by Martin Lompa.

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