Interview: Tommy Caldwell Talks His and Honnold’s New El Cap Free Route


“It’s some of the sickest climbing in existence on Earth, I’m certain of that,” Caldwell says.

Tommy Caldwell is currently hanging in Tahoe with the kiddos. Returning to the phone after a brief interruption in our interview as he talks to one of his kids, he says, “Sorry about that. I’m on Dad Duty now.”

But a week ago, he was on El Cap duty. Along with Alex Honnold, Caldwell spent four days freeing a new route they had scoped, cleaned and equipped along with Kevin Jorgeson and photographer Austin Siadak.

Honnold and Caldwell’s new line combines parts of several other routes—notably Leo Houlding’s 2000 route up to El Cap Tower, Passage to Freedom—with many brand new free pitches.

Main photo: Austin Siadak

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