Montagu Crag Maintenance



Montagu is one of the sport climbing meccas in South Africa. We all love climbing here, and climbers from all over the country and indeed the world come to Montagu specifically to experience the fantastic rock climbing Montagu has to offer – boosting tourism and the economy of this beautiful country town.

Recently a devastating fire swept through the mountains surrounding the town, seriously affecting the vegetation and bases of quite a few of the rock walls that boast many of the climbs that Montagu is famous for. Many of the bases have been reduced to an eroded and dangerously loose rubbly slope, which needs urgent attention, and these crags will probably remain closed until such time they have been attended to.

To this end, a crowd funding campaign has been created to raise funds so that we (a team of dedicated Montagu climber/residents), can build proper stepped platforms at the base of these crags making them super friendly for climbers in the future, and any funds that may be left over will go into developing new routes at these crags as well, giving even more benefit to all climbers.

This would also be a great step forward for the future of Montagu rock climbing especially in light of us winning the “Town of the Year” award for the Western Cape.

We do need help in raising these funds however, to cover the expenses of materials and a small work force, and your help would be greatly appreciated.

Please donate to this worthy fund, so we can get into action soon and get these crags back on the map so we can all enjoy climbing at them.

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