Montagu Rock Rally Report 2016

Report written by event organizer Jed Johnson
Photo by Dan Manners

The otherwise quiet town of Montagu was literally blasted on Saturday the 30th of April as the 2016 Montagu Rock Rally descended into its humble kloofs and peaks.

Just short of 100 climbers took part in this year’s event. Well done to everyone who pulled in from far and wide. Just short of 100 climbers took part in this year’s event. Well done to everyone who joined this was one of the biggest turnout of climbers the rally has seen for some time.

Climbers of all sorts of ages and levels rocked up to climb their best ten routes of the day and party the night away.

The crisp Saturday morning air became turbulent as early risers were spoiled to free coffee, tea and hot chocolate offered by Jetboil.

Monster Munch food truck pulled through to fill some early morning bellies. After some late registrations and astonishing fancy dress wear, climbers were set free to do what they do best.
Trail ropes up some rock faces!

The roadworks leading into Montagu did very little to discourage the onslaught of climbers which had fun climbing at Legoland, Bosch and Ramset crags.

The days climbing saw an opening of a new multi pitch route on the Farm by Hermie Venter and Chris Barker sent a long term project and his first 28! The Rocklands Rangers, a rock climbing initiative from Clanwilliam pulled through for the day and did their first ever climbing in Montagu. All-in-all a wide variety of both young and old, pushing their limits had a fun day of climbing. The afternoon spent pushing personal limits was finished off in style as Saggy Stone Brewery supplied cold craft beer and wines all night and Pikkiewyntjie catering supplied an awesome dinner.

After a slightly chaotic prize giving, some groovy tunes gave the atmosphere that the Montagu Rock Rally is about, bringing people together. You may be surprised to know that some climbers also happen to be some of the best dancers!

We all love Montagu for its climbing and may or may not be aware that the paths we enjoy and bolts that catch us are a cost to maintain, the rally’s profits are going back into path building and bolt replacing which is over and above the R1400 that came in as donations to the Anchor Replacement Fund (ARF) as a result of the Rally. Well done and thank you!

Our next biggest thanks goes out to our sponsors and the parties involved who pulled this all together (in particular Riki Lawson and Jed Johnson)

The Prizes
• RAM Mountaineering who gave plenty of Black Diamond apparel and gear
• ClimbZA for who gave t-shirts and advertising support
• De Pakhuys, Rainbow Glen and Alpha Excelsior who each gave a weekend for two in one of their luxury chalets.
• Alpha Excelsior for their tasty Olive Oil.
• YoYoga for their generous supply of yoga memberships at their awesome yoga facilities.
• SAMountain for their magazine subscriptions

See you all next year for an even bigger and better climbing Festival!

The Winners
Open 18-44
1st Melanie Hasskamp
2nd Bridgette Laurent
3rd Mary Musto and Margaux Souris
1st Hermie Venter
2nd Con Viljeon
3rd Anton Boshoff

1st Richard Behne
2nd Malcom Gowans
3rd Cormax Tooze

1st Luke Eberhard
2nd David Naude

Send of the day
Chris Barker on Daze of Thunder (28)
Matt Bush on Shad (31)

Most Improved
Sam Woliski

Cheerleader award
Alta Lourette

Wipper of the day (Not that we encourage wippers but they tend to happen)
Rio Button
Mia Davies

Best Dressed
1st Balerina Boys
2nd Superwoman and Batwoman
3rd Lycro Cowboys

More pics of the Montagu Rock Rally can be seen here. All photos taken by Dan Manners.

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