Ondra, Kim Sweep Lead World Cup in Wujiang, China


Adam Ondra (Czech Republic) dominated the IFSC Lead World Cup in Wujiang, China, this weekend, beating out Slovenia’s Domen Skofic by four moves in Finals. This is Ondra’s first gold medal of the season, but his consistent performances have landed him in second place for overall Lead World Champion, just ten points behind Gautier Supper (France).

Jain Kim (Korea) swept the women’s competition, reaching six holds higher than Belgium’s Anak Verhoeven, who finished second.

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1. Jain Kim (KOR) — 40+ points
2. Anak Verhoeven (BEL) — 34 points
3. Jessica Pilz (AUT) — 33+ points

1. Adam Ondra (CZE) — 35 points
2. Domen Skofic (SLO) — 31 points
3. Sean McColl (CAN) — 28+ points

Source: rockandice.com

IMAGE: Jain Kim eyes up the route in Stavanger, Norway. Photo: IFSC/Elias Holzknecht.

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