PETZL – Boreo Helmet


Not sure if it is just me, but from where I stand, it seems that helmets in general are becoming more and more popular. I see more people wearing them, even at sport crags. It makes a lot of sense, really. An important job of any helmet is to protect you from falling debris, but it is equally important in protecting your nut against severe blows to the side or top of your cranium in the event of a fall, or even when pulled sharply into or against the rock when arresting a fall – either of which could cause severe head injuries or even death.
I have seen quite a few incidents where a climber has been whipped upside down by the rope being behind the leg during a fall – and then come crashing down head first. I’ve also seen a belayer getting yanked suddenly into the rock holding a leader fall, and cracking her head so badly against the rock, that she had to be evacuated by a medical rescue team.
That said, a helmet must also not hinder you in any way – in other words it must be light and comfortable, have good ventilation (particularly important on hot summer days), but with good head coverage and durability.
Petzl’s Boreo helmet, which is designed for climbing, mountaineering, ice climbing, caving and canyoning, is a versatile and tough hybrid helmet, constructed from a hard ABS shell and reinforced with a foam EPS lining, to offer maximum protection against lateral, front and rear impact forces. In addition, it is super light, so it hardly even feels as though you are wearing a helmet at all. And it has a padded ring on the inside top, a padded strip around the front of your forehead, and excellent side ventilation, for extra comfort.
The fitted head harness also works really well. It is soft, so conforms to the shape of your head (no uncomfortable hard edges poking your scalp), and the slide controls at the rear of the helmet make it easily adjustable while on your head. Also nifty is that the harness folds away into the helmet when not in use, so it can be stored or stashed in your pack or duffel bag without getting damaged or bent. It also has four clips around the outside, making it compatible with all headlamps, as well as Petzl’s VIZION eye shield, which is ideal for rope access work, or drilling and bolting new routes.
Climbing is a sport, a passion, a way of life . . . but it’s not a game! And it is definitely not a fashion show. We all have responsibilities to our families and loved ones. Do the sensible thing and protect your head in the hills! The Boreo is the perfect all-round helmet at a very affordable price and is available for guys and gals.

• Injection moulded ABS hardshell – lightweight and durable; expanded
polypropylene and polystyrene liner, polyester webbing
• Comfort foam is quilted and lined with absorbent fabric that’s washable
• Precise headband adjustment with two push-buttons and Y-shaped webbing straps that can be adjusted around your ears
Guarantee: 3 years
Sizes: S/M and M/L
Weight: 285/295 g


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