Petzl Elios – Helmet


Review by Tony Lourens
RRP: R1059

Helmets have come a long way since the old Joe Brown klunker lids which we all used back in the day. The question is, what does one want from a helmet? The answer is quite simple, no? Protection, durability, comfort, ease of use and, to a lesser degree, style. Well, I suppose not so simple after all.

Petzl’s new Elios helmet fits the bill admirably on all these counts. It is a durable multi-purpose helmet suitable for climbing, mountaineering, caving and kloofing. It has a fully adjustable head band to comfortably adjust to your head size, as well as nifty side strap adjusters so that the straps fit comfortably around your ears and chin. Incidentally the entire plastic head adjustment system can be removed and replaced if ever necessary. It also folds into the helmet to protect it from getting damaged, and for ease of packing.

For further comfort, Petzl has also introduced an open or shut ventilation system on the Elios which can be adjusted depending on conditions, and also uses a generous strip of soft, absorbent padding for your forehead and the top of your head.

As well as being compatible with headlamps (obviously), Petzl’s Vizion eye shield can also be fitted to the helmet for ice climbing. Constructed with an injected ABS hard-shell and expanded polystyrene foam liner, the helmet has very effective impact protection, and rates right up there for durability.

I’ve used the Elios fairly extensively over the last few months and I found it a great helmet, and it hardly feels it’s there when you’re wearing it. The straps are easy to adjust while on your head and for a hard-shell helmet, it is surprisingly light and airy.

Available in two sizes and a variety of colours, the Elios also comes with a 3-year warranty.
To sum it up, the Elios is a tough customer and an excellent choice for all kinds of climbing and mountaineering. Well worth looking up on your next shopping spree.

• Lightweight, durable shell of injected ABS
• Expanded polystyrene foam liner
• Absorbent comfort foam
• Sliding shutters to adjust ventilation
• Fully adjustable according to head size
• Headlamp attaches using four integrated clips
• Compatible with the VIZION eye shield

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