Petzl – SAKAB Bouldering Chalk bag


Petzl’s new bouldering chalk bag is cleverly designed and comes with some really cool features.
The bag is fleece-lined and big enough to get both hands into comfortably, so you can get a good old rummage around to get that chalk over all the areas you need, and slap off the excess. And the liner is attached to the outer to prevent it potentially flipping out when you remove your hands.
With its semi rigid construction, the bag sits nice and solidly on the ground, but also has two off-set carry handles, which besides being handy to carry the bag around, also serve as a practical way to hang your bag on a bolt or climbing hold inside a gym, or a prong of rock at the bouldering area.
The bag has an excellent magnetic closure, which can be easily slapped closed between uses, and for transport or storage. It also has an added fold-over and aluminium clip closure (which won’t break if you accidentally stand on it) to keep your chalk from escaping.
A very handy accessory to consider would be Petzl’s dry bag storage pouch, called the SAKOVER. This pouch has taped seams and also comes with the fold-over clip closure, and neatly stores your SAKAB (or any chalk bag for that matter) keeping your backpack clean and free of chalk. It can also serve as a storage pouch for loose chalk.
The SAKAB comes with some very convenient storage facilities as well. There is a nice big zip pocket in the front, where you can fit your phone, wallet or car keys, etc., and around the back there is another sizable zip pocket to stash other goodies like finger tape, skincare paraphernalia, area topo or headlamp. Both zips have moulded rubber zip pulls for comfort and ease of use.
There are also two different sized elasticised slots for brushes, one for your standard toothbrush size, and another for a larger brush.
The SAKAB does everything you would expect from a boulder bucket, plus it is robustly manufactured featuring a reinforced Cordura bottom, and stylishly designed in attractive colours.

Weight: 205 g
Materials: Nylon, polyester
Colour: Grey and orange

RRP: R550

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