Roof of Africa

Roof of Africa 1
Hilton sending P1

The huge route through Table Mountain’s Africa Amphitheatre, has been sent!

The route received its first ascent over two days on 28 and 29 January, with an atmospheric night out on a ledge 6 pitches up.

Tinie Versfeld, Dave Birkett and Hilton Davies, sent the 10 pitch, 250 metre route by doing 6 pitches on the first day and 4 pitches on the second day. Every pitch was led cleanly and with no falls.

The route is to the left of Africa Safari and Africa Amphitheatre and takes a line through blank-looking white walls, stepped-out faces and huge roofs. There were 23 outings on the route over two years to figure out what could work and to wire-brush lichen off the rock.

Every pitch is sustained and of very high quality. The two hardest pitches required one of the best trad climbers in the world to get it done – the quasi South African-cum-Brit, Dave Birkett from the Lake District. By all accounts this route is world-class!

The pitches go at 21, 23, 26, 23, 23, 28, 22, 23, 28, 20.

Read the full, no-holds-barred, story with full topo and loads of classic imagery in the June issue of SA Mountain Magazine.

Title Image: Hilton sending P1

Roof of Africa 2
Tinie sending P2


Roof of Africa 3
Dave sending P3


Roof of Africa 4
Tinie sending P4


Roof of Africa 5
Hilton sending P5


Roof of Africa 6
Dave sending P6


Roof of Africa 7
Hilton sending P7


Roof of Africa 8
Tinie sending P8


Roof of Africa 9
Hilton sending P10
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