Sea to Summit – Pot Kettle


review by Tony Lourens

Although the Sea to Summit Pot/Kettle has been on the market for some time now, I haven’t seen many in actual use outdoors. And I ask myself, “Why not?” Simply put, it is a great piece of kit – light, collapsible and very effective.
The Pot/Kettle comes in two sizes: the 1.3 litre and the 2.2 litre (although the actual boil capacity of both is about 400 ml less). The big one collapses down to a disc 4 cm thick x 19 cm in diameter and can hold two plates and two mugs, which all collapse and fit snugly in the Pot Kettle, so really great for space saving.
The base is made from hard anodised aluminium, which is an excellent conductor of heat, and gives the unit good stability. The sides are heat-resistant, food grade silicone, with a well-shaped spout, making pouring easy (if you pour slowly). The lid is hard BPA-free plastic, with a handy silicon flap/grip on the top, and the two reinforced nylon handles support the upper rim, are easy to hold, and make pouring really easy.
There are some conflicting reports about whether the Pot/Kettle can be used as a normal pot to cook other food, but I see no reason why one can’t. The silicon sides are ‘food-grade’ and the top is more than wide enough to be used as a standard pot, which makes it doubly useful. But if you do want to keep your kettle for boiling water only, Sea to Summit also do a dedicated pot, which also collapses (of course) and the best thing is, the kettle fits inside it, so a really compact cooking set.
Read instructions before using, as your stove flame should never creep around the edges of your pot, otherwise your lovely pot may just start melting before your eyes! Best to keep your stove on a low/medium setting and never use it on an open fire. Clean gently with mild detergent, and pack when dry, using the silicone band to keep everything in place.
Great for mountain users as well as bikers, where weight, space and good equipment are essential.


Dimensions: 19 cm x 10.5 cm open(2.2 litre kettle)
Weight: 300 g (2.2 litre kettle)
• Sides of kettle should not be exposed to direct flame.
• BPA-free, food grade, heat resistant silicone rubber.
• Hard anodized aluminium base.
• Durable translucent lid.
• Two glass-reinforced nylon handles.

RRP: R1049 (2.2 litre) R869 (1.3 litre)

Available at:

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