Singing Rock – Rock Star Gym Bag, 28 litres


review by Tony Lourens

Singing Rock’s new urban style shoulder bag is a bag of many talents. It is the ideal size for stashing your kit, whether you are off to the gym for your regular workout, or on a bouldering mission, and even for a day at your local sport crag.
Constructed from a durable cordura-style fabric (reinforced and padded on the bottom, back and sides), the Rock Star is spacious enough to fit a 70-metre rope, your shoes, harness, chalk bag and quickdraws, and features a handy and sizable zip pocket on the front of the bag for your wallet, phone, car keys and even a guide book. There is also a pocket on each side of the bag (one with a sealed Velcro entrance) to stash goodies like finger tap, skin repair kits, snack bars and other essentials, with the one pocket featuring webbing with slots for brushes.
The Rock Star also comes with a ‘well endowed’ rope tarp, which is attached very neatly to the bag with a 90% circumference zip. The full zip makes it really easy for the rope-filled tarp to be swallowed by the bag, and of course this also makes the tarp removable. The tarp comes with two carry handles and two “tie-on” loops – one on each far end corner, so really easy to tie on and identify your rope ends, and also to transport the tarp from route to route.
The bag itself comes with two generous internal handles to facilitate the carrying of the opened bag, and I found that grouping the tarp handles with the bag handles, the whole caboodle can be shifted around all attached, with kit in the bag, and rope in the tarp. Quite handy I thought!
The Rock Star comes complete with closure flap secured with two light alloy buckles and an adjustable, comfortably padded, broad shoulder strap, and a wide durable outside handle for easy carrying in your hand.
There is no doubt the new Rock Star will perform admirably in the field, but the added beauty is that this bag is ideal for many other uses. It is stylish in design, so perfect for urban use – going to the beach, a bag for the office and also for carry your shopping.

Volume: 28 l
Weight: 845 g
Rope tarp dimensions: 135 × 150 cm
Colour: Black


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