ENTRIES CLOSED – Spot the “Dog” Climbing Pic Competition in partnership with BLACK DIAMOND Pic #19 & #20


How it works

For two weeks (week days only 11-22 May) we will be posting 2 climbing or mountain images per day.

With each image there will be 2 or 3 questions (eg: name the crag, name the route, etc). These questions can differ from image to image.

Submit your answers beneath the 2 daily images.

Only one entry per photo per person permitted.

Remember to be as comprehensive with your answers as possible, as this may be the dividing line between potential winners.

You can answer any of the questions to any of the images at any time during the competition dates, as long as we have all the entries before the final closing date of the competition (24 May).

Each correct answer will score 1 point, and quite simply the highest score wins.

There will be a Winners prize and a Runner Up prize.
Only people living in SA are eligible to enter.

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Great prizes to be won!!

Black Diamond has come on board with some fantastic prizes, see below.

1st prize will be a Black Diamond – Creek 50 Backpack valued at R3 295
More details on the backpack can be found through Black Diamond South Africa’s website

[su_button url=”https://blackdiamondequipment.co.za/product/creek-50-backpack/” target=”blank” style=”flat” background=”#2dabef” size=”6″]CREEK 50 DETAILS[/su_button]

2nd prize is a Black Diamond – Solution Harness, Honnold Edition valued at R1 395
More details on the harness can also be found through Black Diamond South Africa’s website

[su_button url=”https://blackdiamondequipment.co.za/product/solution-harness-honnold-edtn/” target=”blank” style=”flat” background=”#2dabef” size=”6″]SOLUTION HARNESS DETAILS[/su_button]

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Friday 22 May Pics #19 and #20

Click on the pic for full view.


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Previous days images


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