Swiss flying ace wins world’s toughest adventure race

XAlps winner 2015

The Red Bull X-Alps was today won for the fourth time in a row by the Swiss flying ace Christian Maurer (SUI1). For eight days straight he has awed fellow competitors and fans alike with a virtuoso display of flying prowess and flawless tactics. Since setting off from Salzburg on Sunday July 5, he has hiked and flown over the mountains of Austria, Germany, Italy, Switzerland and France via 10 Turnpoints.

“The pressure is finally over, I’m here and I’m very happy,” said Maurer after landing near the Monte Carlo golf club just above the final Turnpoint and official finish of Peille. “I have experienced and seen so many new and amazing things, and to have shared it with others and with my support team has been very special.”

The clock stops in Peille and his official finish time is 8d 4h 37m but by tradition, the race is not over until athletes fly to the landing float in Monaco Bay. Race Mastermind Hannes Arch, who co-founded the race in 2003, said: “The first thing is to say congratulations to Chrigel. He was a marked man from the beginning so to win for the fourth time is an outstanding achievement.”

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This year was a new experience for Maurer, who is known for his meticulous preparation, tactics and ruthless efficiency. Normally he is able to lead from the front but this time he always had the chasing athletes of Paul Guschlbauer (AUT1) and Sebastian Huber (GER3) hard on his heels.

Time and again throughout the race it looked as though Maurer had made his move and escaped from the pair, only for these two to reel him in again. “It was so exciting to see Huber and Guschlbauer playing these tactics,” added Arch.

There are now three days left until the race ends at midday Friday. Huber and Guschlbauer looked set to make goal either late Monday or early Tuesday while chasing hard behind was the Italian flying maestro Aaron Durogati (ITA) and the two French teams of Gaspard Petiot (FRA4) and Antoine Girard (FRA2), who were flying almost wingtip to wingtip. Both Guschlbauer and Huber have pulled a Led Lenser Night Pass, which allows them to hike through the night. Whether it is enough for Guschlbauer to make podium was still a question of doubt late afternoon.

It’s not over yet! You can still follow all the action as athletes now race against the clock to reach Monaco.

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IMAGE: Christian ‘Chrigel’ Maurer (SUI1) at the finish in Peille, France. ©zooom/Sebastian Marko

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