Tom Ballard Establishes World’s Hardest Dry Tooling Route

British climber and alpinist Tom Ballard has made the first ascent of what appears to be the hardest dry-tool line to date: A Line Above the Sky at Tomorrow’s World, which he has graded D15. The route leads through an impressive roof on the flank of the highest peak in the Dolomites, Marmolada and is a new gem in the crown of the Dolomites, taking over Robert Jasper’s Ironman D14+ in Switzerland as the hardest dry-tool line in the world, if Tom’s suggested grade of D15 is confirmed.

Tom told UKclimbing:

“The approach can be described as roadside, even if you do have to cross a ski piste! Perhaps the most dangerous part of the day? After heavy snow there is a high avalanche risk from above, something to be aware of on the walk in.”

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IMAGE: Tom Ballard on A Line Above the Sky D15. © Tom Ballard

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