Angy Eiter becomes first woman to send 9b


words by Tony Lourens

pic by (c) Red Bull Contentpool / Javipec

At about 5 pm on 22 October this year, the legendary Austrian powerhouse, Angela (Angy) Eiter, became the first woman to clip the chains at the top of the link-up of both pitches of La Planta de Shiva, a grade 9b, in the impressive Chilam Cave in southern Spain.

Angy sprung to fame in the 2000s as the most successful female competition climber of all time, with many world cup titles and more Rock Master gold medals than anyone in the history of the sport.
A few years ago she decided to throw in the competition towel while she was still at the top of her game, and concentrate on climbing outdoors.

Since then she has racked up a very impressive list of hard routes, and her send of La Planta de Shiva link up has put her firmly into the top echelons of climbers on the planet. Only two other people on Earth have climbed harder – Adam Ondra and Chris Sharma.

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