Bouldering USA


by Niccolò Ceria

Through the autumn and the winter of 2019, I spent 84 days in the USA climbing in three different states around the country: Colorado, Washington and Nevada. Two of these places were new to me, while the last destination was Red Rock Canyon for my third visit.

Rock Mountain National Park (RMNP) Colorado
Boulder, Colorado is home to many strong athletes, and it’s the place where most of the American climbers want to live. The variety of gyms is huge, the weather is often dry and sunny, and the outdoor scenery is breath-taking. The meadows are overrun with elks, the mountains are majestic, and the woods are full of untouched places to relax, admire squirrels and smell the intense essences of the forest.
There are many pro climbers living in and around Colorado, but only a small number of them get enthusiastic about exploring new rock. People like David Graham, for example, have made (and are still making) huge contributions to the development of these areas, but nowadays, not many of the younger generation seem to want to follow in their footsteps.

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