Cautionary Tales



I challenge thee to a (Prusik) duel!
No, that isn’t the start of a story . . . it’s a challenge to YOU, the reader!

A truth continues to remain:
Many rock climbing accidents happen while abseiling, and experienced climbers often tell me, ‘nah, I don’t [insert safety practice] because I don’t want to waste time’ or ‘I find it quite a faf’.

So my challenge is this:
Learn to configure the three basic abseil protection setups in under a minute. These setups remove many (but not all) of the human-error risks associated with abseiling. They are also the basis of many self-rescue techniques.

The point is not to rush. The point is that neither time, nor convenience should ever be a reason to omit these perfectly good practices. Also, trying each combination out first-hand in a controlled, unpressured environment is essential if you want to be competent when the proverbial hits the fan.

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