Dave Graham and Ethan Pringle send Thor’s Hammer


Dave Graham and Ethan Pringle have both repeated Thor’s Hammer, 9a+ sports climb at Flatanger – Norway.

Dave wrote on instagram:

“Somehow battled through the lowest crux, the wet holds sucked, five bolts of infinity, they’re passed tense, red-lining recovery, freaking out in the rest, kneebar number one, set forth onward, followed through in redpoint crux, into kneebar number 2, realized current location, intense fear of punting poisons mind, fear of poison cleanses mind, focus is light, blinding light, zone is acquired, operating space is available, full syncronicity in effect, zenny but hectic, slow motion and fast foreword, resting ritual complete, upward motion, theres still energy, checkpoint, checkpoint, checkpoint, toe-hooks, foot jams, dont forget the sequence, kneebar number 3, un-sequence-able rail, you will make you fall, doubt, thoughts, sunset light, rock is gold, pupils adjusting, thoughts are gone, resting is over, movement, beta is forgotten, peace is chaos, the rail is shuffled, the heals lock, anchor is clipped⚡️Elation is real!!!!!!! Thor’s Hammer [9a+] ascent number 6 “

Source: planetmountain.com

IMAGE: Dave Graham repeating Thor’s Hammer 9a+ at Flatanger, Norway. Photo by Cameron Maier / Bearcam Media

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