Odyssee, the hardest route on the Eiger North Face


An international trio comprised of Roger Schäli (Switzerland), Robert Jasper (Germany) and Simon Gietl (Italy) have established Odyssee (8a+, 1400m), a difficult and serious new rock climb up the North Face of the Eiger in Switzerland.

One of the most famous walls in the Alps, the notoriously cold and inhospitable North Face of the Eiger, has been enriched with a demanding new route at the hands of Roger Schäli, Robert Jasper and Simon Gietl who this August managed to make the first free ascent of Odyssee, a 1400m line they had been working on since 2009.

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Source: planetmountain.com

IMAGE: The North Face of the Eiger. Yellow: Odyssee. Blu: Harlin Direttissima. Grey: Direttissima dei Giapponesi. Red: Piola – Ghilini Direttissima. Photo by Frank Kretschmann / http://www.funst.de

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