Rock Master Joburg 2016 – Report and Results


I see the psych for Rock Master grow each year, and this year was no different.

Held again at CityRock in Jo’burg, the 7th Rock Master competition in as many years, this year saw the inclusion of a crop of talented youngsters, who for the first time were stepping out into the competition arena in an Open event, and climb against some of the strongest climbers in the country.

The routes, set by Kent Jennings and team, were devilishly well thought out, and entertaining for the crowds as well as the competitors. Route one set the standard for the ladies, with a good spread of high points, with only two of the stronger competitors, Faye Scott and Tiffany Wells, clipping the anchor.

The men’s route was a little harder for sure, with no top outs, but also a good spread of high points, with Calrin Curtis taking the highest score, by consolidating on the volume, above the powerful move to the dish.

Route two was a different story all together. The ladies started out, with most of them falling quite low on the route with only a few pushing on a little higher, with Faye getting the highest and clinching gold – her third gold in as many Rock Master’s that she has entered. Basically making her the one to beat!

Tiffany Wells cruised into second place, with new-comer Camilla Cibulka, taking bronze at only 15 years old.

The men’s second route started out quite tricky, then pushed through the top of the arch via some awkward and powerful moves, to reach the head wall. Many fell trying to negotiate the arch, but few did manage to crank those sequences to get higher on the route, making it a close call for the top places. But in the end, longtime Rock Master competitor, James Barnes, snatched his first gold, with Calrin Curtis hot on his heels to get silver for the second time. And, as in the ladies, the bronze medal was also taken by a new-comer, the 15 year-old Chris Cosser.

Well done to the podium competitors and all the other contestants at this year’s Rock Master. Thanks for your psych and for making this comp awesome and exciting for the spectators.

A huge thanks also to everybody who helped on the day with belaying, judging, timing, registration and of course the two MCs who did a great job of entertaining us with their quips and quotes. And also to the route setters, for their passion, time and expertise in setting such beautiful and futuristic routes. It is all hugely appreciated.

To the spectators who came to support the event and of course to CityROCK and staff, for the awesome venue and their help with all sorts of stuff.

Then to the sponsors, without whom this comp would never exist. A massive thanks to them for their support and the fantastic prizes they put forward as well. A big round of applause!!!

All in all Rock Master 2016 was a great success and I look forward to doing it all again in a years time.
And hopefully see you all there.

Be safe in the hills


Mens results
1. James Barnes
2. Calrin Curtis
3. Christopher Cosser
4. Paul Bruyere
5. Dylan Vogt
6. David Naude
7. Mike van der Ham
8. Grivin Roering
9. Katleho Pobe
10. Nicholas Meinel
11. Damien Blokker
12. Brian Weaver
13. Alistair Stubbs

Ladies results
1. Faye Scott
2. Tiffany Wells
3. Camilla Cibulka
4. Candice Bagley
5. Jasmin Pillai
6. Mikela Sinovich
7. Angela Eckhardt


Mens results
1. Jean van der Merwe
2. Bergdoogen
3. Carlo Ankonelli

Ladies Results
1. Rachel Sealy Fischer
2. Kaylie Hart
3. Cally Bishop

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More photos to follow.

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