International Mountain Day 2016 Photo Contest


It’s #InternationalMountainDay on 11 December!

Send a photo of mountain cultures in action and you could win a one-year subscription to National Geographic!

Did you know that about 13 percent of the world’s population lives in the mountains? Mountains across the globe host a rich variety of cultures. Many ancient indigenous communities live in mountains, are the holders of traditional knowledge, beliefs and practices, and speak unique languages.

Over time, mountain communities have learned to adapt to their rugged terrain in order to survive and create livelihoods for themselves while protecting the land, water and forests for future generations.

Mountains are also places of spiritual significance in many religions and belief systems. Each year, thousands of people worldwide embark upon steep and winding pilgrimage routes to worship at sacred sites and temples in mountains.

By capturing mountain cultures in photos, you can help promote the vast array of mountain identities and ensure that indigenous rights are recognized and traditional ways endure! We’d like you to send us photos of mountain cultures in action.

The winner of the contest will win a one-year subscription to National Geographic magazine from January 2017.

How do I enter?

To enter the contest, just follow these three steps:

1Take a photo of an aspect of mountain culture. This could be:

  • A portrait of a person living in the mountains, anywhere in the world
  • Mountain communities in action, (practicing traditional activities, local farming techniques, weaving and handcrafts, livestock rearing etc.)
  • A mountain festival, ritual or celebration
  • A sacred or legendary mountain
  • A temple, a church or a place of worship on a mountain

2. Tell us why the people, festival or mountain site represent mountain cultures and identities when you fill in the online entry form, and attach the photo (minimum width 1754 pixels at 150 ppi, maximum file size 5 MB)

3. Finally, don’t forget to post your photo if you have a Twitter, Flickr or Instagram account, using the International Mountain Day hashtag: #MountainsMatter. We’ll retweet some of your photos on @FAOForestry Twitter.

Deadline for entries is 5 December 2016.

A jury will choose the six best photos, and the six finalists will be posted on FAO’s Facebook page for the public to decide the winner in time for International Mountain Day on 11 December.

What if I’m under 18?

You have to be over 18 to enter the contest, but that doesn’t stop you joining the campaign on social media! Take a photo of mountain culture and post it on your Twitter, Instagram or Flickr account with the hashtag #MountainsMatter. We’ll tweet some of the photos from @FAOForestry Twitter.

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