Welcome to Slacklands – Rocklands Highline Meet 2015


words by JAMES DICKS
pic by NIR AVNEYON – AntiGravity Photography

There are few feelings as pure as being poised high in the sky, held up only by a gently quivering piece of webbing. I suspect injecting heroin into your eyeball may be on a par. Lose concentration for a single moment though, and you will find yourself spiralling under the line in a state of mild confusion. However, unlike shooting heroin into your cornea (amongst innumerable other differences), once in a while you gracefully exit the void onto terra firma on the other side. The sweet satisfaction of the send.

Over the Easter weekend, the campground at De Pakhuys transformed from the almost exclusive home of boulderers, to the home for folks obsessed with somewhat obscure activities. From juggling, unicycling, fire POI, acroyoga and hacky sack to banging bongos and playing the didgeridoo; the freaks were out en masse in Rocklands. The primary obscure activity for the weekend was of course, walking on thin pieces of webbing high in the sky – highlining.

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